September 2017 Tony Shepherd Newsletter Notes

September 2017 Newsletter Notes:

Just wanted to share some of the clever ideas Tony shares on a monthly basis in his newsletter…read, grow and enjoy with quick biz tips …. Mike

Tony_ShepherdThis is Tony….

 1. “The magic one hundred people test”
…testing tip that can reduce your upfront costs and boost your profits


2. “Use your energy and enthusiasm WHEN you have it – don’t try to schedule it”
...don’t become a slave to your TODO list and miss quick profits…with an example

3. “$10k monthly from an evergreen, clever idea”
…I like evergreen stories and this one will open your eyes when you are out browsing on the internet…

4. “Get paid up front every time you possibly can”
…how to get paid ahead each month so you don’t have to rely on end of month paycheck to make an internet living…

5. “Change one thing you do and increase your income by $400 a month”
…this one is easy to remember and can be used in any sales letter or post…

6. “Are you approaching online success in the wrong way?”
I hung out on this one… this will change your approach to how you present yourself while starting your quick biz ideas…

This is why I use Tony’s Newsletter

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