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I started Quick Biz Ideas to catalog and share Internet Marketing Ideas that are fast and easy to implement.
With a regular job, I have very little time left to pursue long term projects that get pushed aside in a few days due to lack of results and at the same time loss of interest (due to lack of results).
This quote from Tony Shepherd inspired me to start on this narrow road to IM Marketing:
“You can do anything you want in terms of HOW you operate your business.
Years ago I learned that I was pretty much incapable of embarking on long-term projects.
I lose interest in anything that I can’t see the end of, of feels too long.
So I simply stopped doing them.
Now I only work on 2- 3 day projects that come together quickly, hold my interest and result in a fast profit in my bank.”
This is probably not for everybody, but if this approach is something that can help you get started, then take a look at this offer from Tony Shepherd’s private newsletter.  He shows you EXACTLY how he earns Five Figures a Month Online.  I subscribe to it and get motivated to use these ideas to fit with my interests and online marketing goals.
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